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Chetumal Gringos


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We have knowledge of computer-related services, Real Estate services, short term House/Pet Sitting services, and other services...

I highly recomend you bring an activated one!
Hughes Internet Dish
The computer industry requires a great deal of experience. Installing new systems and servicing existing systems are a significant part of computer needs.

Here are some services offered:
-- Installing Satellite Internet Services using HughesNet (Pic above)

-- Installing Wireless Internet Communities

-- Web Page Creation and maintenance

-- Computer Hardware and Software Advice

-- Business Technology Solutions

-- Advertising Technology

-- Informational Knowledge of Mexico via the internet for the purpose of living here full or part time.

-- Rebuilding of your Desktop Computer.



This is 2.4 meters and is the best antenna (pic below) for US and Canadian domestic DirecTV, Dish Network, or FTA... use in southern Mexico and Central America. LNB's, RECEIVERS and other parts are also available.

My 2.4 Meter Dish with 2 lnbs using a magic bracket 3

LNB w/Dual Output
Circular type (LO Freq 11250) 101, 110 , 119 , 61.5, 110, 119, 129, 148

Satellite Receiver for DISH, BELLVIEW or FTA
Viewsat 2000 ultra

For purchase and delivery of above TV products (Prices do not include setup, activation/updates) Click here!

Magic Bracket 3
Click on pic for website company in Mexico to purchse it from

For Real Estate Sales and Rentals Click Here!

Craigslist in the Yucatan, free listings for items for sale, pets,...Click Here!

Fly to or from Cancun, Mexico Cheap! Click Here!

UNO, ADO GL and ADO First Class Bus Services, Click here! or call TOLL FREE FROM THE U.S.:1800 9500 287 (Chetumal to Cancun prices range from 177-274 Pesos)

For All Bus Departures and Destinations with times, Click Here! (Note: Cancun Bus to and from airport goes to and from Cancun terminal only(35 pesos)- no direct connect).

For an Airline in Mexico, Click here!

Mexico Prepaid Cell Phone: (52) 983-106-4139